We know medical market research

Claricity combines extensive research expertise together with a deep understanding of the medical device industry to deliver superior insights to clients.

Our Services



Full service market research

Custom market research studies from start to finish, everything from small in-depth interview projects to large international surveys.


Advisory boards

Agenda planning and session preparation, including topic selection, format and dry-runs for staff.



Ad hoc advice for clients who need to plan and execute their own market research and need some help along the way.



Tailored courses on the “how to’s” of market research, including interviewing customers and writing surveys.

Why Us?

Our experience

  • Proven track record delivering targeted, high quality data intelligence to clients
  • Extensive medical device experience, both from within and from the outside
  • Strong knowledge-base of the science of market research

Our working style

  • Senior level focus complemented by strong vendor partnerships
  • Careful attention to detail and application of validated research methods
  • Customized approaches to meet the unique needs of each client

Our industry expertise

  • Cardiac rhythm management
  • Heart failure management
  • Percutaneous coronary interventions
  • Peripheral interventions
  • Hypertension management and stroke

About Us

Susan Kimmel, Ph.D.

Susan Kimmel is the founder of Claricity and has more than 25 years market research experience. She provides quantitative and qualitative market research services and consulting, primarily for the medical device industry. Susan has extensive expertise with cardiovascular devices which includes over twenty years of experience in the areas of Cardiac Rhythm Management, Interventional Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery. She has conducted numerous upstream and downstream market research studies in areas such as unmet needs research, new technology assessment, concept testing, positioning and message testing, ad concept testing and tracking research.

Prior to Claricity, Susan spent 15 years as one of the founding partners of in2ition research, a market research firm that focuses exclusively on medical device. Before in2ition, Susan managed the market research department at Boston Scientific CRM (formerly Guidant). She has also worked at Burson-Marsteller, a strategic communications company, and Research International and KRC Research, two market research supply firms.

Susan holds a Ph.D. in international marketing from the University of Michigan and a bachelor's of business (marketing emphasis) from the University of Minnesota.




Customer understanding

Better understand customers by exploring the current standard of care in the market, product usage, brand perceptions and attitudes.


Idea generation

Gather detailed “voice of customer” data on customer needs and satisfaction with current solutions to identify gaps in the market.


Product testing

Obtain reactions to new product concepts and features and explore the reasons why.


Product launch

Test potential product positionings, messages, images and ads in preparation for market launch.

Any Questions

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